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IVA Process Update: What Do We Know So Far?

Cognisight was a premier sponsor and presenter at the 5th Annual Health Insurance Exchange Summit in San Antonio. Executive Vice President Kim Browning co-presented, "IVA Process Update: What Do We Know So Far?," with UCare's Risk Adjustment Compliance Coding Manager, Jenni Monfils.  

Specific learning objectives included:
  • A brief review of RADV process leading up to the IVA
  • IVA process, audits, and findings
  • After three months, how is the IVA process coming along?
  • What’s next for the SVA process?
  • Assessment of penalties
  • How will the feds apply the rules of RADV process to distribute money?
  • Redistribution of money
  • Extrapolation expectations  

To download the presentation slides, please click here.