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With the conclusion of the two HHS-RADV pilot years, it’s time to prepare for the upcoming BY2017 Initial Validation Audit. As we begin the first non-pilot year, the importance of partnering with an experienced IVA entity—who will collaborate with your health plan, provide transparency, and be an agile partner throughout the audit process—is more critical now than ever.

If you’re an issuer who will be participating in the Federal RADV for the first time—or looking for improvements with your IVA pilot experiences—you won’t want to miss Cognisight’s complimentary, Preparing for the BY2017 IVA—What Matters Most Going into a Non-Pilot Year, webinar. REGISTER NOW to join us on Wednesday, March 21st from 12:00-1:00 PM EST to learn how Cognisight utilized client feedback and lessons learned from the first two years and developed enhancements to continue providing issuers with the highest quality IVA solution.  

Specific topics covered:

  • Audit insights and best practices for BY2017
  • Enhanced reporting with on demand access to the most up-to-date information 
  • Leveraging coder-to-coder collaboration throughout the Health Status Data Validation  

Who should attend?

  • Finance, revenue, coding, compliance, quality and audit executives, directors, managers, specialists, and coordinators with a commercial population
  • Anyone with in compliance management, data analytics/reporting, and with risk adjustment responsibilities