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Collaborating for a Successful Commercial RADV

Tuesday | November 14th | 3:30 PM EST

Cognisight has been intimately involved in the development of the Initial Validation Audit program since the onset of planning with CMS. After two years of providing best-in-class audit services to several health plans across the country as an IVA entity, Cognisightin partnership with CDPHPwill share our expertise and the many lessons learned during the pilot years in an upcoming, complimentary webinar.

In less than one hour, you’ll also gain a thorough understanding of how Cognisight can help with your health plan’s Benefit Year 2017 audit and why you should choose us—the best in class IVA partner. Register now for Collaborating for a Successful Commercial RADV, space is limited!

Specific topics covered:

  • Comprehensive overview of Cognisight’s IVA solution
  • In depth review of how our collaborative approach and detailed work plan guides Issuers through the IVA process and helps ensure success
  • Highlights from BY2015-16 pilot year lessons learned
  • Summary of IVA client feedback
  • What sets Cognisight apart

Who should attend?

Commercial health plan finance, revenue, compliance, quality, and audit executives, directors, managers, specialists, and coordinators.